How do I get a refill of my prescriptions?

How do I get a refill of my prescriptions?

A. We require that prescription refills be completed during regular office visits. Be mindful of when your prescriptions will run out and be sure to schedule a follow-up appointment at least one week prior to running out of medications. We do not give refills on maintenance medications without a follow-up appointment.

Calls for prescription refills may be left on our prescription line 24 hours a day. Please allow 72 hours for all prescription requests to be considered and filled. Leave your name, and the name of the medication you are requesting be refilled. If the provider is unable to fill your prescription you will be notified by phone that you need an appointment before any refills will be given. You can avoid running out of maintenance medications by keeping your scheduled appointments and getting your refill at your visit.

Certain prescriptions may not be called into the pharmacy and must be picked up from the office and signed for during regular office hours.

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